I am available to sit on boards and advisory panels of businesses and not-for-profits as a volunteer or in a paid position.

I am a seasoned financial and business professional with proven leadership and management skills in both the business and not-for-profit sectors. I have forty years’ experience at executive levels as a Partner in an international accounting firm, as a VP with a major bank, as a General Manager & CFO with a pre-eminent law firm, as a Principal with a leading interim executive group, and as the COO for a large independent school. I currently operate my own management consulting practice as a Trusted Advisor to business and NFPs.

During my career I have had extensive exposure to the dynamics between management and boards from the perspective of both an executive reporting to a board and as a board member.


What I offer to a board is financial expertise, sound business judgement, a collaborative attitude, and integrity. I will bring to a board an independent view, perceptive insights, a clear appreciation of the dynamics between management and boards, and extraordinary diligence about my responsibilities.


What I am seeking is an entrepreneurial organization, whether a business or not-for-profit, that wishes to grow, but has some important issues to resolve. I am at my best when there are challenges that an organization is facing and requires someone with a fresh perspective and the drive to collaboratively work with its board and management to find solutions.

My board role may be at the invitation of the organization’s board or at the request of a major stakeholder as their representative on a board.


If you are recruiting a financial/business professional to serve on your board and require someone who is prepared to actively engage himself in overseeing the governance of the organization and who can meaningfully contribute to its progress, I would be delighted to chat with you about your organization and whether I would be a good fit on your Board.

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